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15 Steps to Take BEFORE You Have a
Plastic Surgery Consultation
Plus: What to Bring to Your Consult

by Breast Implants USA
Virginia Center of Plastic Surgery
Article courtesy Eric Desman, M.D.

1. Check around and be aware of all your options. Research the many techniques BEFORE you see a doctor, the internet has hundreds of sites that can give you the details of every procedure. This may take some time, but it is well worth it.

2. There is a vast amount of information available on the web as well as pamphlets free to the public from libraries and doctors’ offices, without obligation.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask around. Ask around at your salon or gym, ask nurses, search online - join chat and forum discussions.

4. Compile a list of possible doctors and begin checking them out for disciplinary actions and check to see if they are currently board certified. Also check for possible negative media coverage.

5. You can find out if they have been disciplined by writing your State Medical Board.

6. Check with the American Board of Medical Specialists by calling 1-800-776-2378 Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time.

7. Has the doctor’s malpractice insurance ever been cancelled? Some state medical boards will tell you when a doctor has had insurance cancelled (beware! most doctors can get insurance no matter how bad their record is).

8. Beware of the doctor who fails to listen to your concerns or fails to bring the risks and complications of your chosen procedure to your attention. KNOW THE RISKS!

9. Not all surgeons charge for a consultation. The price of the consult does not necessarily reflect on the skill of the surgeon. Prices vary from free to $500.

10. You may find it helpful to speak to others, like you, who have undergone or will undergo the same procedure you are interested in. Check Discussion Forums, Chat rooms and internet sites.

11. If you view before and after photos (from the web, doctors’ offices, etc.) do realize that they can be retouched digitally or "airbrushed" and not to rely solely on them.

12. Look through magazines, old photos or other sources to help you decide what you DO and do NOT want as a result. But remember to be realistic in your expectations. Your body is made from tissue not clay.

13. Compile a list of the medications, if any, that you may be on as a reference. Your doctor should instruct you to refrain from ingesting any products containing aspirin or even herbal products.

14. Discuss with your spouse or significant other your wishes and concerns; perhaps they, themselves, may have input or concerns you may not have thought of.

15. Trust your instincts. Sometimes, if you have a bad feeling about someone or something - there’s a reason.

What to Bring to Your Consult

1. Bring a list of questions you may have for the surgeon.

2. Bring your list of medications for reference.

3. Medical History Form…filled out. Have the Doctors office fax/send you a copy when you make your appointment. This will give you more time to ask questions instead of filling out paperwork.

4. Bring some photos to provide visualization for the surgeon on the results you desire and DON’T desire.

San Diego Plastic Surgeons ~ Cosmetic Surgery

To read more and get to know Dr. Eric Desman, click here to visit our Breast Implants USA site: www.breastimplantsusa.com

Eric Desman, M.D., 2009 – All Rights Reserved

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