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Wearing Jewelry to Enhance Your Hairstyle

by Gabriela Green
Editor of the HairstyleCITY website

Certain hairstyles just cry out for jewelry! Carefully chosen earrings or a lovely necklace can be a beautiful finishing touch to your hairstyle. They also draw attention to your hair and face – and when you’ve spent so much time getting your hair right…you want people to notice!

So just how do you go about choosing jewelry that will flatter and compliment your hair?

Notice we said earrings or a necklace. If you have a matching set, that's fine and great to wear - but if you don't, it's a good general rule to have one or the other as dominant. If you have large, 'loud' earrings and a 'loud' necklace, they will fight with each other, look overdone and completely dominate your look.

We're going for subtle enhancement here, so either necklace or earrings… or let one dominate and the other be very quiet…ssssh!

Proms and Weddings

These are two major events that are planned for months in advance…so that every detail is perfect! For both of these, you could decide on a hairstyle first and then choose jewelry to go with it - or - find some fabulous jewelry and choose a hairstyle to compliment it!

Imagine you've been given a beautiful antique heirloom necklace with matching drop earrings - the best hairstyle to show these off would be an up-do. You could then enhance it further by having an up-do that echoes the age of the jewelry. Find out how old it is and then research pictures of that time to see how the women wore their hair! People who don't know their history wouldn't know that's what you've done, but they would notice how well 'put together' you look!

Wearing your hair down

If you're wearing your hair down, then earrings will be fighting for space! To avoid this, choose bold statement hoops or chandelier earrings so that they get seen.

Or just go for simple stud earrings and choose a dramatic necklace or choker.

Another option is to alter your long hairstyle subtly, just enough to show off the earrings. Pull back the hair at the sides of your head and clip it up. You can use this style to work with the jewelry even more. If the earrings are fancy, you could echo this by twisting the hair as you clip it up - or keep it smooth to let the jewelry take center stage. The same applies if the earrings are a simple style.

Consider your hair color

Here, you can choose jewelry to match your hair color or contrast with it.

For example, if you are pale-skinned with blonde hair, you could play that feature up by wearing very delicate jewelry with tiny diamonds.

Or, you could contrast it and wear stronger jewelry with darker base components and darker stones!

Dark hair can take dramatic, deep jewelry colors and delicate ones. Each would give a different look.

Redheads really suit greens and aquamarines.

Chin length to shoulder length hair

This is a great length for wearing any jewelry, especially necklaces. They are easily seen and because of the hair length, they create a balanced feeling. You can enhance this further by wearing stud earrings.

If you want to give an illusion of length, draw the eye down with a slightly longer necklace or dangling or chandelier earrings.

Short hair

If you have very short hair, the features of your face appear to be more prominent. Any jewelry that you wear will show up a lot more than on someone with long hair, so it's important to choose it carefully!

Depending on the event or what you're wearing, you can go either delicate or bold with equal success. Again, consider your hair color and have fun seeing how many different looks you can get just from changing your jewelry!

It's worth considering your eye color here, too. Very short styles make eyes seem much bigger - so really show them off! Try and get jewelry that matches your eyes and see what a difference it makes!

Complete the look

You may not have considered the part that jewelry can play in bringing out the best in your hairstyle. Hopefully, we've given you some ideas that will help you to make the most of your hair.

And if you get bored with your hair - don't get it cut! Go and get some new jewelry instead! (…any excuse!)

For more celebrity sedu hairstyles, tips and guides please visit HairstyleCITY.com

Gabriela Green is the editor of the HairstyleCITY website. HairstyleCITY is an online hairstyle magazine offering great tips and easy to use, DIY hairstyling guides.

2006 HairstyleCITY.com

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